Garden researches the culture of today in West Africa, Senegal, still colored by a colonial history. The technology of ambisonic surround sound was used to gain a sonic snapshot that would represent the directional qualities of the sound sources. The field recordings were taken at locations that shape the official-, but more important, the informal economy.

Most of these places are packed with second-hand, abandoned goods from our consumer society; barely repaired cars serve as taxis, fixed, yet leaking refrigerators being used to cool fish at the market place, scaffolding is held together with the iron wires from burned car tires. The migration of used goods, devices and machines for the benefit of a functioning economy comes with a costly prize tag for the countries ecology and for its people's health.

Garden features recordings from Dakar:
A waiting cab with the radio on, Medina Marechet Tylenne (market), a shoe factory (Medina), Sandagua market, a left fishmarket in Yarrah, Garage Beaux Marechet busstation, cattle market Serass, etc.

Thank you:
Babacar Diop, Mique Eggermont, Mafad, Mondriaan Fund, Bureau Europa, New Nomad

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Bureau Europa - Bronsgroen Eikenhout (2016)