The landscape in- and around the city of Liège hold the marks from a history of heavy industries; coal mining, steel industry and complement activities. Due to global changes, a lot of these industries moved out, altered to other trades or disappeared.
Tracker / Axis is researching the change in economy and, indirectly, its effect upon the social fabric through a series of field recordings. This was done at construction sites, pumping stations, a train station, melting furnaces, a weapon factory, transhipment companies, abandoned mining areas, a brewery, etc.

Sounds of human activities had been collected, not so much as the reflection of the human presence itself.
On a vinyl record, side A contains a composition based upon these field recordings, side B holds 14 locked grooves (audio-loops) with edited sounds.

By the means of a GPS-logger, a tracking was made of the sites of recording. A graphic reproduction of this route is made possible by playing tracks 15, 16, 17 and 18 via an oscilloscope.

Track 15: Herstal, Cheratte, Wandre, Bressoux, Liège centre, Sclessin.
Track 16: Bassenge, Visé, Haccourt, Jupile.
Track 17: Bressoux, Jemeppe, Ivôz-Ramet, Seraing.
Track 18: Ougrée, Tilleur, Jemeppe, Liège centre.

Vinyl record 'Tracker Axis': 500 copies 180 grms, cardboard sleeve, silver colored sticker.
Installation: record, turntable, oscilloscope, carpentry

Tracker Axis

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Tracker Axis
Liège, Gouvernement, Maastricht. (2014)