“.. All music, any organization of sounds is then a tool for the creation or consolidation of a community, of a totality. It is what links a power center to its subjects, and thus, more generally, it is an attribute of power in all of its forms. Therefore, any theory of power today must include a theory of the localization of noise and its endowment with form.” (Jacques Attali: "Noise and politics" from "Audio Culture: Readings in modern music", Continuum)

Radio Wavings acts in the hybrid space in between the physic and public space of Bureau Europa and the ephemeral intimacy of a radio broadcasting. Thus, a platform is created for short lectures, interviews and performances around topics as sound, space, time and politics.

The motivation for Radio Wavings originates from the publication that is presented at the same event: Waving Platforms. This is a book with Essays from Emre Erkal, Rahma Khazam, Armeno Alberts, Ive Stevenheydens and Freek Lomme, linked to the sound art practice of Paul Devens. Certain aspects from that practice, such as the relation of composed sound and designed space, disciplinary space and the use of sound and positions taken towards contemporary art and culture, are addressed in the essays and connect with the expertise of the writers. The book is designed by Pierre Geurts, NN studio, Liège and published by Onomatopee, Eindhoven.

The event of Radio Wavings will consist of lectures, performances, interviews and DJ-sets, connected to a live broadcasting during the night.
There are contributions in sound from the Maastricht University, the Academy for Fine Art Maastricht and the Leerling-Meester Project of Kunstpodium T (Tilburg). Also institutions such as the Van Eyck and Marres (Maastricht) are involved.
Speakers are: Rahma Khazam, Freek Lomme, Armeno Alberts (for radio presentation), Oscar Santillan and Huib Haye van der Werf.
Performers are: Stelios Manousakis, Raul Keller, Anne Wellmer, Robert Curgenven and Paul Devens.

Radio Wavings is broadcasted by L1 Radio, RTV Maastricht, on air and by streaming media. Curated by Paul Devens and hosted by Bureau Europa, produced by Video Power.

Radio Wavings

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Radio Wavings
Bureau Europa, Maastricht. (2014)
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